Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Is So Intriguing About Light and Optic Technologies?

"Let there be light," one of the most powerful phrases in Genesis, indeed, light is an incredible thing, and the illumination that we see in the visual spectrum has helped provide abundance for humankind, and allowed for visual evolution of our bio system. Still, are we doing all with our light that we could, there is so much more that we can do, and so much more research and inquiry that is required to get there.
One scientific topic and area of research which completely fascinates me is optics. Indeed, it intrigues me, it's one of my favorite topics to contemplate, perhaps you have ideas in this area of science, and I too have many ideas on all that. I've noted in the Wall Street Journal that a few Spectral Imaging technology companies have filed bankruptcy, that's too bad, although I see IBM is investing $5 Billion in this research (holographic projection and computer chip communication) over the next 10-years, as per a press release.
When industry spends money on its own accord to bring forth new innovations you know there are commercial applications just waiting to enter the market, IBM is a very wise company, and they don't waste their money on endless and needless research. Back in 2007 I wrote an e-book on the future of holographic projection and spectral imagery. Since then it's amazing what has been done, and now you can actually get a science degree in the field. I have no doubt that very soon our mobile phone devices will have holographic projection.
On another front, I've also been fascinated with the MIT grad kids work with seeing 3-D images around corners. The implications are great for so many things, and yes military applications as well, beyond line of sight, radar system catching anomalies, etc.
One question that I keep asking myself is; do you think that anyone will ever be able to hack into line of sight light transmissions without detection or disrupting the signal? Is the answer to secured data transmission lines from satellites to base stations, and through the air using light waves the answer to preventing hackers, and also giving us the capacity to send an abundant amount of information in a very short amount of time? It could take care of all of our bandwidth issues, and it would be incredible.
Not only can we do large things, but they're doing small things as well. In fact IBM just the other day, on September 14, 2012 announced that they used laser light to image individual molecules as they form. These are all of game changing technologies, and they're coming at us at the speed of light. Please consider all this and think on it.

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