Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Expansion of the Universe

Gravitational repulsion, does this really exist?
Albert Einstein thought so.
Perhaps A. Einstein was correct and then again, perhaps not.
In this short text I will present to you, a different way of looking at the issue of the expansion of our universe.
Our universe consists of 
4% normal matter 
23% dark matter 
73% dark energy

I see the expansion of our universe as dark matter/energy (but from here on simple referred to as dm/e) multiplying in-between all the galaxies, and this way forcing all the galaxies apart from each other.
Since our universe very well could be limited within its own dimensions, the increase of dm/e would probably force the universe to expand within itself, pushing its matter further and further apart and expanding it like a borderless soap-bubble, instead of just adding to the "outer edges" and leaving the galaxies in fixed positions within.
The dm/e simply acts like a wedge, being forced between two fixed points (galaxies), and thus pry them apart. And since this is happening all over our universe, the effect would be a total expansion.
But how?
Consider a multiverse.
An infinite amount of universes, feeding each other an infinite amount of power, and this itself generating the expansion of the dm/e or perhaps better said, creating the mass and energy of the new dm/er.
Well, energy can not be created or destroyed, merely transformed?!
Indeed, but just as our universe has got its amount of energy to go around, so has the multiverse which we reside in. So energy are being transformed within the multiverse and focused on single universes.
The vibrations of every universe creates energy, just like the magnetic field around a moving rotor core creates electricity.
All universes which are set in their own different vibrational setting, effects its counterpart or counterparts. Since the multiverse is endless, this also gives us an endless possibility of more than two universes being connected.
Close by or endlessly far away.
Each universe acting like a rotor core, and the dm/e within its opposite universe, acting like the increasing amount of electricity being generated by the increasing vibration/rotation of the first said universe.
Each universe expanding for ever, just as its counterpart vibrates forever.
The dm/e itself will increase the vibrations of its own universe, and this way adding to the effect of expanding its counterpart even faster.
Two effects are in play in this process.
The natural vibration within the universe itself, and the acceleration of that vibration, created by the dm/e which itself is created and accelerated by the vibration from the opposite universe.
Perhaps you have had similar thoughts about something like this?

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